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About Me

All Things Love Lee at LimogesAntiques.co

I have collected hand painted Limoges, Pickard, Belleek, Prussia, Royal Vienna, Nippon, Bonn and other high quality porcelain pieces for over 30 years. At one point, I also collected depression glass, silver overlay, Tiffany and Heintz Art Metal pieces. Despite my varied interests, my heart was won over by the gorgeous hand painted Limoges porcelain items that I came across. The art of hand painted Limoges and other high quality porcelain items is, in my opinion, a lost art form. The rarity of finding and acquiring those Limoges items that still remain undamaged throughout the years has become a real challenge. However, collectors such as myself realize how important it is to preserve the history of this wonderful art form and are honored to share our knowledge and our treasures with you.

Over the years, my passion has grown from a dabbler who hunted treasures at local flea markets to a knowledgeable and experienced buyer and collector of select Limoges, Belleek, Pickard and other hand painted porcelain items. As you can see from a cursory look at the Limoges, Belleek, Pickard, Royal Bonn, Royal Vienna, and other porcelain items comprising my past and current inventory, most of my pieces center around my undeniable and sometimes obsessive infatuation with objects covered in magnificently executed roses and other floral blooms or unique portrait pieces by some of the leading master Limoges and German artists of the times. My love of these beautiful hand painted Limoges objects, coupled with my growing collection and desire to share such beauty, has inspired me to open this shop dedicated to the goal of find and offering the most exquisite hand painted Limoges and other high quality porcelain I can find.

I stand behind each item I offer for sale and your shopping satisfaction is of paramount importance to me as the owner and operator of All Things Love-lee.